Silke Weißbach (1984, Germany) creates multimedia-installations that take usage of painted and sculptured elements besides computer-generated material of videos and sound. Her artistic research is situated in fields of science, philosophy, and literature and questioning the current state of the individual existence concerning the ambiguity and manipulation of our technology-, materialistically- and hierarchical driven world.

By transforming and colliding material in unexpected ways, the artworks examining the relationship between meaning, colour, shape and space and challenging the viewer‘s perception by creating nonlinear narratives and mysterious patterns that come as part of a projections screen for our needs, desires and wishes and how we perceive these ideas in our multi-layered one person ego.

Weißbach studied painting at the University of Fine Arts (HfBK, Painting) and University of Applied Science (HAW, Painting) in Hamburg and is now in doing her Master of Arts (Painting) at the Royal College of Art in London.